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The Benefits of Being a Koreaboo

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Koreaboo, which is a slightly different take on the term Weeaboo, is someone who really enjoys Korean pop culture, and perhaps most specifically Korean pop music and Korean dramas. Many people who fall into this category may be considered weird by others because the culture seems too different from your own.

On top of this, you also have the stigma of being considered a geek because you’re obsessing over something. Well, luckily this is just someone else’s opinion, and like all opinions, it can be thrown out window.

But if you need some help in ignoring the Koreaboo haters, we got you covered. Here are a few benefits of being a Koreaboo!

  1. Understanding a different culture.

It’s always beneficial, to become passionate about other countries. Especially this year, we’ve found ourselves pulling inward into our own problems that life seems like it’s only happening here.

It’s like we’re living in a container. But the truth is that the rest of the world matters because we are all connected. We don’t mean to sound very Lion King or Pocahontas-ish here, but it’s true.

We’re communicating on a global stage. And getting into the Korean pop culture makes it so that you become passionate about what’s going on in a different part of the world.

Global Pop culture becomes a liaison for sympathy and understanding.

  1. You get to learn more about the conflict in Korea.

Speaking of cultural concerns, one of the biggest ones for Korea right now comes in the conflicts happening in North and South Korea. Right now, it’s become such an issue that many places have said that travel to North Korea is something highly unadvised because of the strict rules.

Western minded people could possibly get themselves into a lot of trouble if they’re not knowledgeable the current situation.

This is the total opposite in South Korea, where you have a lot of the stuff that we enjoy about Korean pop culture. This would be totally unknown by those who weren’t following what was happening.

  1. Learning a different language.

Korean, unfortunately, is always clumped together with Chinese and Japanese from those who don’t know any better. They look at the characters and can’t determine which is which, and even worst think that the cultures are all the same.

Hearing Korean and listening to it sung exposes someone to the vowels and accents, and shows us how different the language is from Chinese and Japanese.

In doing so, it also makes it so that someone can gain an understanding that each part of the world has a far more intricate structure to it than we originally thought.

  1. Studying it in school.

One of the coolest things about being a Koreaboo is that some fans end up taking it to a more intimate level and making it their life. They go onto college and study the Korean language on top of learning about the culture.

Many of these people will also either take an internship to Korea and teach, or they’ll flat out move over there and teach for either a few years or for the rest of their life.

This acts like a form of harboring positive relationships between us and Korea.

  1. Enjoying KPop and KDrama!

Let’s not forget that the best part of being a Koreaboo! It’s being able to indulge in KPop and Kdrama.

KPop is unabashedly cheesy sometimes, in a way that perhaps some pop music here is too self-conscious to be. KDramas also tend to have an elaborate emotiveness that is very endearing. And both are the biggest benefit to being a Koreaboo!