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Say Hello to Mr. Fan Service

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Okay let’s just get this out of the way: yes anime and manga fans are totally aware that there is a rampant use of fan Service in the mediums. We get that it’s also mostly down to appeal to the straight male population as well. However, fan Service, when you look at it more deeply, isn’t just about the big boobs and the up skirt shots. It’s also about the bubble butts, the abs, and the defined chest of male characters, A.K.A Mr. Fan Service.

Basically, he’s considered to be the eye candy for not just women but the men who appreciate them. It’s a striking way to grab their attention and then keep it there. It’s a good way to create favorites especially when there is a group of Mr. Fan Services.

Mr. Fan Service is one that isn’t just attractive but how attractive is assets are. He’ll be seen with very toned arms or legs, God like abs that looked like they were chiseled from a Greek sculpture, and broad shoulders. He’s got some pretty good looking hair as well the kind that defies gravity. He’ll be the one with no shirt on. However, if he does happen to have a shirt on, then he will most likely take it off fairly quickly. The shirt will also be wet, possibly unbuttoned and no sleeves.

This character will be a seen in more than one scene shirtless. The Camara will pan on the parts of him that matter. On top of this, if it takes places on a beach then he’ll more than likely be wearing a speedo. Funny enough he can even be subjected to the same sexual innuendos as a female character.

Perhaps one of the interesting ways in which Mr. Fan Service can make a debut is by cross dressing, in which he is objectified as a female but revealed to be male, and then continues to be objectified.

Other ways of introducing him is through his workout routine. What’s a very common one? Swimming! He’s shirtless, he’s wet, and he’s also in action and therefore the body is shown in a rather enticing and active manner.

Sadly there isn’t much point to many of these Mr. Fan Service types. They’re hot, they sometimes go beyond the stereotypes but they are really there to keep those who want to watch to keep watching. They also make the argument of the rampant fan Service if anime and manga need to be more complex. It shows us just how complex in general the way in which anime and manga are.

There truly is something out there for every fan.


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