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Are Anime Themes Songs Really That Important?

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We’ve all seen them a thousand times and can even name some of our favorites. They can instantly put a smile on your face or make you sad. We’re talking about theme songs in anime.

They are usually positive and uplifting and are written with a particular formula, meant to hit on the right notes to make them marketable to the masses. It is argued by some that the reason for this stems from easy exposure for music artists and will give them good promotion.

One person in particular who comes to mind is the beloved Olivia Lufkin, who’s been part of the Jpop and Jrock scene for a while but got massive exposure when she became one of the singers for the anime adaptation of the manga Nana.

And then there are also artists who basically are known as theme song kings and queens.

Anime actors are also singers and so it’s not uncommon to have the main character sing their own theme. This happens with multiple artists and is a good way to push them into the multiple talented area of being a celebrity.

Think of the way Disney has become known for having its actors and actresses first act and then sing. While not all of them continue on to have success, it is undoubtedly a strong way to make a presence in a multidimensional way.

It could also be a way for singers to make their dream of acting come true, as they are tapped to sing the theme but also tapped to play the role.

But the biggest reason of why they are so important is because anime theme songs are very, very successful and are an intricate part of the Japanese music culture.

Being asked to do a theme song for an anime, especially if it is highly anticipated or is already a guaranteed success, then you’re bound to get your name out there!

It’s been analyzed in online sources that Japanese artists who put a song from their album on an Anime, they also are inclined to get a bigger cut of the profits.

When we think about important and successful movies like Titanic pop up, we think of their theme song as integral to their existence and experience. Hours and hours of hard work went into arranging the words, the instruments, the themes, making sure that it stands as a natural extension.

When we think of the way these movies are majorly successful and also look at the way anime is successful,  then we can see how important and intricate these theme songs are to the process.

During the nineties, many original Japanese theme songs were cute out of the dubbed versions and we were given mediocre theme songs sung in English without the same care and attention. But now we can enjoy either or.