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A Look at: Ero kawaii

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We bet you didn’t know that the culture of kawaii has subsets to its culture. Today we’re going to talk about one of those subsets which is called “ero kawaii.”

The term is similar to that ero-kakkoii which looking at the root words you can see combines the idea of the erotic with that of the term kakkoii, which is used to describe someone who is hip and happening, someone who is “cool.”

Kakkoii is connected with the term kawaii in the sense that both are used to mention when someone is cute, or cool, or combining both aspects of this.

So you can think of ero kawaii as “erotic cute” or if you want to seem a little less creepy to people who don’t quite get, “sexy cute.”

Ero Kawaii Fashion Koda Kumi

This idea of ero kawaii is perhaps a more adult form of kawaii, not because it’s entailing a form of pornographic mindset, but instead is focused on still being kawaii, or cute, but also being considered sexy.

It’s perhaps the difference between looking more feminine in a young girl like manner (kawaii), vs. looking more feminine in a woman-like way.

The term has been associated with multitalented star Koda Kumi. Gamers may find her name familiar because she did the voice and choreography for Yuna in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy X-2.

Ero Kawaii Fashion Koda Kumi

The two songs she contributed were “Real Emotion” and “1,000 Words.” Her voice has a coyness to it that echoes the idea of being cute, but there is vibrato to her voice that also has a sexy undertone to it.

An element of ero kawaii that we’d argue is powerful is the fact that those who embrace it are able to embrace both their sexy and their cute sides.

Koda Kumi’s image is sexy, that’s true, but it is also a form of empowerment. In her embracing of the ero kawaii subset culture of kawaii, you have a woman taking control of how she expresses herself in the public eye.

Not everyone will agree with her style, but that’s the whole point of being brave – you do what you want even if those who don’t like it will criticize you.

Ero Kawaii Fashion Koda Kumi