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The CrunchyRoll/Funimation Alliance

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This past week, the entire otaku world shook with the announcement that two of the biggest forces in the anime/manga western world have combined forces into an ultra-megazord. Will this change the way we consume anime and manga?

Well the short answer is yes, but the biggest part of this news is that it’s going to affect you more than you think.

So first, let’s break down a little bit of what’s going on. It was posted on Crunchyroll that Funimation joined Crunchyroll in their common mission to bring more anime to fans and more fans to anime.

In other words, this partnership will expand the anime lineup on both services as well as provide more ways for anime fans to stream, purchase, download, and access more of their shows.

For the Crunchyroll fan, they’ll have access to subtitled Funimation simulcasts! This will start with their summer titles D.Gray-man HALLOW, Puzzle & Dragons X, and FIRST LOVE MONSTER.

Even more exciting is the fact that Funimation will be distributing even more of their simulcast titles on Crunchyroll in the future!

As mentioned above Funimation will be contributing their subtitled catalog to Crunchyroll. You be able to watch PSYCHO-PASS, Cowboy Bebop, and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash right off the bat.

Crunchyroll will continue to add more catalog titles over the coming weeks and months as they say on the blog:

“there’s a lot of onboarding, encoding and processing taking place behind the scenes!”

There is also some great news for Funimation fans as well:

“Later this fall, the Funimation fans will be able to access several of our titles, such as 91 Days, Mob Psycho 100, and Orange, with English-language Broadcast Dubs on FunimationNow. More will be announced over time!”

Also Crunchyroll will be working together to distribute their titles through Blu-ray, DVD, and Download-to-Own, both dubbed and subbed. Currently planned titles include Ace Attorney, Alderamin on the Sky, Bungo Stray Dogs, JOKER GAME, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and ReLIFE, with more coming as well.

So what does this all mean to us otakus? Well it means that the connection between us and Japan just got broader. We will be able to get things we love sooner than we do now. For the fans who prefer having their stuff Dubbed, they get the chance to get more of their favorite shows in English. For fans of sub it’s the same thing.

This also virtually means the delay between access to Anime from Japan to the west will be virtually unseen. That means that just as Japan is getting an anime, we will be getting it soon after, no more long waiting periods.

Money-wise, this means that there is an opportunity for even more titles and licenses to be grabbed up. This is particularly important because as we’ve seen in the past twelve years, even though anime and manga have continued to be very popular here in the west, it has ultimately declined in popularity on a nationwide scale.

In the past ten years alone we’ve seen many anime and manga get dropped because the companies who helmed their translations couldn’t stay open due to the decline in sales. Sadly people find the Kardashians more interesting than the Titans.

But fear not as first off this isn’t the end of the love of Japanese culture as we have seen we are a voice that cannot be silenced as there are still many of us who love it. But it is also in the sense that we have to acknowledge that we need to come together in both voice and business and that’s what Funimation and Crunchyroll have done.

So as we continue to celebrate the new force that is Crunchymation (see what we did there?), let’s be excited that the business end of the otaku realm is also acknowledging that we need to combine to make things better.

Are you listening Netflix?