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Otaku culture: Hair in Anime and Manga

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One of the most noticeable things we see in anime and manga are characters hair. There have been many jokes and internet memes made about it, but we never really discuss why “hair” is the way that it is.


Like why do they choose one style over another? Is the color important? While the answers to these questions can be just as various as the hair style themselves, there are some general commonalities between them.


For instance, one of the things we see happen in a lot of anime and manga is that the most noteworthy characters in a story are the ones who will have super spikey hair or some other flamboyant looking hairdo.


One reason this happens is because they’re meant to stand out in comparison to their other characters. Think of the classics like Dragon Ball Z. It’s all about the big spikes.


For characters in the “Tales Of” series we see “hair” used to signify someone who is going to be a great importance or a great threat. They are meant to feel grandiose and larger than life, beyond the human realm.


These larger than life characters are meant to intimidate us, and inspire us. So the next time you watch your favorite anime or read your favorite manga take a look at the hair, we bet the ones with the “best hair” are the main characters.