Weekly Wrap Up: Game Edition

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This week found gamers with a few nice morsels of information, which is good given that heading into spring and summer means that the game world will start holding all their information for E3 and other events that will surely have us all drooling. They want the ultimate bragging rights and who can blame them? Regardless, the gaming world still saw some great surprises. Here are five that you may have missed!

  1. Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness due out in North America on June 28 and Europe July 1 on PS4.
Star Ocean 5 | Promotion Screenshot

Square Enix

Even though the mother flagship series Final Fantasy has seen a lot of buzz throughout the past couple of weeks, we should not forget the Star Ocean series is having a reemergence as well. It’s been about seven years since the last entry. Although the game was met with mostly positive reviews by many game sites, the game quickly became a target for long time fans as an example of the franchise’s dwindling quality.

The voice acting in the English translation was particularly attacked as being annoying and over dramatic. Integrity and Faithlessness has been out in Japan for about a month now and has proven to be a return to form for the franchise with positive reviews and sales. Fans will be able to sink their teeth into the game this summer!

  1. Gears of War 4 due out world wide on October 11 on Xbox One.
Gears of War | Wallpaper | Concept Art

Microsoft Studios

The PlayStation 4 isn’t the only one getting love this week. Gears of War, which has become one of Microsoft’s most popular flagship shooter franchises, will see itself come to Xbox One. Microsoft has even announced the beta for the game is happening starting on April 18.

  1. Sony dropped the 3.50 PlayStation 4 update.

It has been a while since the PS4 has received a meaty update, but fear not Sony fans! As many of you who have logged in already found out, there was an update which came with some nice bells and whistles. Gamers now have the ability to set up events, like having you and your buddies plan a raid in Destiny.

Gamers also finally have the option to appear offline or not. They can also get notifications of when friends come on. Arguably the most fascinating feature is that now the PS4 can stream games to PC and Mac computers. These have been features fans have been asking for a while. It’s nice to see that Sony is listening.

  1. BAFTA game awards came and went and so did the winners.
BAFTA Game Awards Brochure Cover Image

BAFTA Game Awards

The BAFTA, or British Academy Games Awards, happened and the big winner of the night is no surprise. Fallout 4 found itself the recipient of Best Game. Bloodborne, another hit from the past year, won the Game Design category. Life is Strange rightfully won for Story.

  1. Star Fox Zero, on the WiiU, comes out on April 21.
Star Fox Zero | Promo Pic


Star Fox is a beloved franchise by many gamers who grew up with Nintendo systems in their home. The Series has been begging for a reboot for a while, and now the release is in our midst. The release is a gamble for Nintendo as their WiiU has shown some weak sales. Will this be a game that’ll help dwindling sales? Only time will tell.