Daily: Super Mario Odyssey Announced!

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Nintendo is on everyone’s mind after their conference! We got a slew of different announcements including that of Super Mario Odyssey, which will be the next major entry in the Super Mario franchise and it looks amazing! But there is something a bit weird about it. Perhaps it’s in the way he looks???

The 3D looks current gen, the action looks like we’re in-store for some exciting things, and it seems Mario is coming to the open-world motif as well! There seems to be more of a form of realism being added to Super Mario Odyssey.

It’s a bit jarring to first lay eyes on but fresh all the same! Our favorite plumber looks agile AF and looks like he’s going to have a lot of fun jumping around things. Also look at the fun things he can do with his hat! And yes we have Bowser and a kidnapped Princess Peach, aw classic Nintendo is back!

“Super Mario Odyssey” will be released during the holidays.