Daily: Spider-Man Animated Reboot Stars Miles Morales

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There were discussions about it but this week Sony confirmed that Miles Morales will indeed be the lead of the as yet untitled Animated Spider Man movie that is being worked on by Lord and Miller.

The announcement came via Sony’s Animation Day, where they discussed other future projects. The early concept material for the film was shown but many questions are still left unanswered. They did tell us that Bob Persichetti is directing the film and that Peter Ramsey will be the in the passenger seat as co-director.

Miles Morales - Spider-Man

We are excited to see what this has in store for Miles. This will be the beginning of what will hopefully be a long-term affair with fans and a good starting point for many new fans. Though this does make Peter Parker fans wonder what will happen to the original web slinger. Chances are he will probably be put into a mentor position, which is pretty canonical for modern-day hero tales.

Miles Morales - Spider-Man