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Weekly Manga Minute #9

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November saw the last Tiger and Bunny manga to come out, there’s a contest for y’all open till January, and we have news of a delay for “The Seven Deadly Sins” manga. Read below to get caught up on this week’s Manga Minute!

  1. Final Tiger and Bunny manga is out, and the series is complete.

Manga behemoth Viz Media has released the final volume of the adorable seinen manga Tiger and Bunny. It’s known for its great sense of humor and its great use of flashback moments in the story.

Volume nine, the final volume, does a great job of wrapping things up. We won’t get into the story that much but it does involve romance and it turns television shows into something of commentary on modern day life.

Now is the perfect time to read the entire series!

Tiger and Bunny - Final Manga - Promotional Artwork

  1. Weekly Shonen Jump Cover Contest for 2016 announced!

Do you have an interesting idea for a Weekly Shonen Jump cover? Do you have some art supplies and even tiny bit of artistic talent? Then Shonen Jump has got the contest for you!

“Draw an SJ Cover then click HERE to submit it! It’s that easy! The last day to send in your entry is January 9, 2017. Good luck!”

We’d love to see some of your enter and hopefully win!

Weekly Shonen Jump - Cover Contest - 2016 Annoucement

  1. “Seven Deadly Sins” Manga Goes On Hiatus? Manga artist dealing with medical problems.

Seven Deadly Sins is a very popular manga, and fans will be a bit shocked to hear that the manga will unfortunately go on hiatus. However, it’s not out of spite but out of the artist’s health: the message to the fans is as followed.

Message to Nanatsu no Taizai readers

Like always, thank you very much for reading “The Seven Deadly Sins”. Due to Nakaba-sensei hospitalization as a result of surgery, “The Seven Deadly Sins” will be in hiatus for a while.  Please, do not be worried, his medical condition is not serious and he is fine.

Also, despite the main series being on hiatus for a while, the special side stories will continue being published. The main series serialization is schedule to be resumed in Issue 7 of 2017 (It will be available on January 18, 2017) (Wednesday) – Weekly Shonen Magazine Editorial Department.

Nakaba-sensei issued his own statement via a handwritten letter:

I’m sorry to have to pause, but I plan to resume editing as soon as the medical allows. But we’ll be also keeping in touch at the mini series! Thank you so much for continuing to read and we’ll see each other very soon!

Seven Deadly Sins Manga - Hiatus - Nakaba Hospitalized

We are hoping Nakaba-sensei gets some well-deserved rest.

  1. Rurouni Kenshin: Hokkaido Arc Manga Coming Spring 2017!

In the January 2017 issue of Jump SQ it is revelaed that Nobuhiro Watsuki will be creating a new arc in the Rurouni Kenshin manga. The new arc is set to take place in Hokkaido, the manga is scheduled for launch sometime in the spring of 2017.

Rurouni Kenshin - Hokkaido Arc 2017 - Jump SQ Magazine January 2017 Issue