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Weekly Manga Minute #18

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Who’s ready for some new manga?! Maybe even a little lesson in some new Japanese phrases?! Well, we’ve got you covered in this week’s Manga Minute! So let’s jump right in!

1. Need More Tokyo Ghoul? Viz drops “Occupation Aftermath”

Tokyo Ghoul continues to be one of the most popular anime series in recent years. Fans of the series devour any new piece of information they can. Well Viz Media is giving fans a sneak peek at the newest Tokyo Ghoul novel.

The novel is called Tokyo Ghoul: Void. It sounds awesome! Here’s how the blog describes it:

“After the unprecedented raid on the Ghoul detention center by The Aogiri Tree organization, the Commission of Counter Ghoul is working to tighten security across the twenty-three wards. However, some Ghouls begin to cause unrest in the 8th Ward, continuing the cycle of retaliation between human and Ghoul. And what of Kaneki after he left the 20th Ward? This second novel depicts the aftermath six months after the 11th Ward occupation.”

Sounds pretty interesting! You can read the rest at Viz!



2. Viz Media Teaches us some new phrase in “Nihongo Lesson 01/27/17”

Here at PopGeekly we are always helping to promote more Otaku-ness and weeaboo-ness when we can! Sometimes that means promoting other groups who like to do so too! So we’re taking a look at Viz Media’s “Nihongo Lesson” for this week.

So what is “Nihongo Lesson?” Well what they do is feature new phrases and a series for you to refer to.

“We strive to give you useful manga-based Japanese language tips and maybe even a glimpse into the translation process. This week’s lesson will focus on some terms from The Promised Neverland. This manga has been a nonstop thrill ride since it began, with each chapter ending on a painful cliff-hanger. The children are so close to escaping from the orphanage, but it’s definitely not going to be easy…”

This week they look at The Promised Neverland which is on our list of reads! So what’s their first tip?

SHOUKO (しょうこ)

SHOUKO means “evidence,” and the Sister Krone part of the plot has revolved around not giving her any SHOUKO of the planned escape. It looks like the children won’t have to worry about that any longer, but they may have bigger problems on the horizon.”

They have a couple more, and if you’re interested in taking more of their manga based phrase “classes,” they invite you to their podcast!



3. Preview of the First “Thunderbolt Fantasy” Manga Collection!

Thunderbolt Fantasy is ready to make a jolt (pun intended!) in the manga world and it seems now that Morning, who was the original publisher of the manga, are grabbing fans’ attention with the manga collection’s release which is accompanied by the show’s opening.

The reprint is meant to bring us back into the fold of the interesting universe. It is a manga that was written by the series creator Gen Urobochi and drawn by Yuri Sakuma. There is also the Thunderbolt Fantasy Project which is drawn by Kairi Shinzotsuki but it’s currently on hiatus.