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Weekly Manga Minute #11

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Kodansha and Viz are going head to head in who can grab your attention and money the most over the Christmas week, and it seems like Kodansha is winning. But Viz is still Doing awesome! Here’s you’re weekly wrap up of manga!

1. The Ghost in the Shell manga goes digital?!

For those of you who have gone digital and love your cyber punk anime, you’ll be excited to hear that the Ghost in the Shell manga is available for the first time ever in the digital platform! The news comes via Kodansha Comics and it’s quite a nice amount of releases.

Ghost in the Shell has been building up its hype train especially since the announcement and the controversy of the live action movie so it’s not too shocking that this would happen around this time. Either way this is exciting news! To find out more, head on over to Kodansha.

Ghost In The Shell - Digital Manga Release - Promotional Picture

2. New 99-cent digital volume 1s every week through January 10

Kodansha is in a very giving mood it seems this Christmas! Not that we’re complaining! This news in-particular is perfect for those who have wanted to start a new series but haven’t had the time or the money to do so. Kodansha is allowing the first volumes of many popular manga to go on sale for just 99 cents!

Right now, the list consists of:

  • School Rumble Volume 1
  • Nodame Cantabile Volume 1
  • Princess Resurrection Volume 1
  • ALIVE Volume 1
  • Pumpkin Scissors Volume 1
  • Yozakura Quartet Volume 1
  • Gakuen Prince Volume 1
  • Suzuka Volume 1
  • Fuuka Volume 1
  • Space Brothers Volume 1
  • My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san Volume 1
  • Sayonara Football Volume 1

Some of the titles have even been in our manga and anime articles! It’s Christmas time so why not give yourself a little treat.

Additionally, Kodansha says more will be available:

The Manga Vacation sale list updates every Tuesday from December 20 to  January 10.
Check back every Tuesday at for more deals!

Kodansha Comics - Manga Christmas Sale

3. Viz Media announces and releases new manga series

On the look out for a new and intriguing manga series? Well Viz announced this week that they released the first volume in an intriguing new manga called Gangsta: Cursed.

Viz describes the manga as:

Killing is all Spas has ever known, and he does it without doubt or remorse. Taught to believe he’s ridding the world of monsters, he sees the extermination of the Twilights as a necessary step toward making Ergastulum a safer place. Until the day when he’s forced to confront the horrifying truth that the real monster might be…him.

We haven’t had a chance to sit down and read it but it’s most definitely on our list of reads for the coming months! It seems to be a story about facing the darkest parts of yourself and making a decision on what do once you know the truth. If executed correctly this can be quite the manga!

Gangsta Cursed - Volume 1 - Manga - Cover