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New Manga Released on February 28th!

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For this week’s Manga Update we take a look at some of the new Manga that has been released on February 28th. Kodansha Comics made some announcements recently that will definitely make some manga fans happy! So let’s take a look at what they had to say!

1. The first is House of the Sun

House of the Sun Description:

“Taamo’s moving account of a young woman who reconnects with a childhood friend as she puts together the pieces of her life following her parents’ broken marriage.”

2. The second is Peach Heaven

This is definitely for those looking for a more mature shoujo manga.

Peach Heaven Description:

“a fun and racy tale from Mari Hoshino, detailing the life of an ordinary high-school teenager with a secret identity as … an erotic novelist! What happens when the new transfer student/male supermodel discovers her secret?”

3. Next we have The Full Time Wife Escapist

The Full Time Wife Escapist easily has the most interesting title of them all!

The Full-Time Wife Escapist Description:

“Tsunami Umino’s romantic comedy that was recently adapted into a hit Japanese television drama. Mikuri is a recent grad without a whole lot of job prospects, so out of desperation when her housekeeping gig is about to come to an end, she comes up with the idea of becoming the wife of her single salaryman boss—as a job!”

4. Next is Fairy Tail Volume 58

Fairy Tail Volume 58’s Description:

“SEVERED BONDS Due to Irene’s magic, the entire land of Fiore has been condensed and rearranged! Now Zeref and Mavis are face to face, and the final battles leave both parties with nowhere to run. An unexpected side effect of Irene’s world-reconstruction magic has brought about a mysterious girl who can telepathically guide Fairy Tail’s members—after all, she claims she was there when the guild was founded! But the new and improved cast of Spriggan 12 are more formidable than ever, and Fairy Tail’s strongest and most beloved bonds are tested… It’s up to Natsu and his comrades to save Mavis, their guild hall, and the future, but who will get left behind…?!”

5.  And Last we have Attack on Titan: Lost Girls Volume 2

Attack on Titan: Lost Girls Volume 2 Description:

“WHAT NO ONE KNEW… That day, Annie Leonhart woke up in the barracks. It was the morning of her day off. The feeling of freedom doesn’t last long, for tomorrow holds her biggest mission yet: During the 57th Expedition Outside the Walls, seize Eren Yaeger.”