Manga Update

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Welcome to September readers! We are a week into the new month, so that means we’ve gotta look back on the manga that came out late August. Much like the summer heat, the late August releases will not be ignored … at least not yet. Here’s our picks for recent manga releases!

Cardfight!! Vanguard, volume 9 by Akira Itou

Card game based manga are pretty popular, but Cardfight!! Keeps itself fresh enough that it has no problem keeping itself from getting buried by the other competing series.

“If you thought getting zapped for fumbling a cardfight back in the days of Foo Fighter was harsh, then things have gotten even more sinister in the era of the Conductor. Losing means turning on your friends!”


Giant Killing, Volume 5 by Masaya Tsunamoto and Tsujitomo

Giant Killing is what happens when you take the already crazy sports manga genre and inject it with one more level of craziness. More drama ensues on the fifth entry in this series!

“ETU is clashing with their new coach’s style! Neither the team nor the players have made any progress, but the coach continues to have faith! And in ETU’s hour of weakness, the Brazilian trio strikes! Zelberto cuts through their lines, Carlos rushes forward, and Pepe devours! ETU is constantly on the defensive, but is it all just part of Tatsumi’s trap?”


Days Volume 4 by Tsuyoshi Yasuda (Over Drive)

Sports meets school meets slice of life in the manga series Days. The fourth volume continues to develop the ongoing life and relationships of Tsukushi. Quite a bit has happened.

“It’s the finals of the Interhigh preliminaries, and the Seiseki High soccer club finds itself squared off against its biggest rival, Sakuragi High School. Tsukushi watches from the sidelines, cheering his teammates through the shifting tides of battle … but after halftime, he steps out on the pitch, shoulder-to-shoulder with his teammates in one last desperate attempt to take the tournament!”


House of the Sun, Volume 6 by Taamo

For those of you looking more for something that focuses on love, the sixth volume of House of the Sun released recently as well. This volume takes an intimate look at love and the pain that sometimes comes with it.

““Is there even such a thing as a love that doesn’t hurt someone?” someone might wonder, given that no one seems to be able to move ahead without bumping into someone else with feelings. This goes for Mao, Hiro, Radical-san, Oda-kun, and even Chi-chan. And now, Daiki is finally returning home, but he has secret feelings for Mao. Hiro’s dream is one step closer to reality, but at what cost?! The bright yet sad love story of two childhood friends with an age gap and their life together continues …”


Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn Vol. 8 by Rikudou Koushi and Shirow Masamune

There were quite a few revelations revealed in the previous volumes of Pandora in the Crimson Shell. The eighth volume takes the sci fi drama and turns it up a notch. Just when you think the rollercoaster ride was over…

“The fight is over – to all appearances, at least! Nene and Clarion have finally thwarted both Kurtz and the conspiracy headed by Poseidon, the mysterious organization backing him. And now that Buer’s central nervous unity has been safely recovered, the battle in the Geofront is well and truly over! But just as things are settling down, an unknown ship appears on the horizon. And when it comes into contact with the island, new trouble springs to life…”