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Weekly Manga Minute #7

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For this week’s issue of Manga Minute, we’ve got some new Gundam Wing manga insider’s information, some sad news about “World Trigger” and an emotional goodbye from the creator of Bleach.

  1. “World Trigger” Manga Is Being Put On Hold


“World Trigger” fans will be upset to find out that their beloved manga has been put on hold. The Weekly Shonen Jump said this week that the author Daisuke Ashihara  has dealt with some health issues.

An early look at next week’s table of contents, reveals that the concern hasn’t cleared up. We don’t have a return date as to when the manga will continue but we do wish Daisuke Ashihara a quick and full recovery.

  1. Emotional Ending of the Bleach Manga Is Shared by Its Author

Bleach - Final Chapter - Manga Ending - Promotional Picture

The beloved Bleach manga ended this year and it was a bittersweet moment for many of its fans. It ended in August and the final collection is releasing this month.

The manga’s author Tite Kubo re-joined Twitter this month and used it to share a heartfelt story of finishing the series. It’s quite the touching moment, as Kubo shows his thanks to the fans for all these years of dedication and making Bleach what it’s become.

For those of us who don’t speak Japanese, there is a translation of it via Tenshi’s Cave.

  1. A sneak peek at the new Gundam Thunderbolt


Viz Media posted an editorial featuring Mike Montesa the editor of Gundam Thunderbolt. He gives a look at the work behind the scenes in editing and translating the latest entry in the beloved seinen series.

In the editorial blog, he gives the readers a little bit of background of the story, and where it stands in the long-lasting franchises bigger story.

“Gundam Thunderbolt is set in the Universal Century 0079, the original setting of the Gundam series. The United Earth Federation and Republic of Zeon forces are locked in a fierce battle for the Thunderbolt Sector, an area of space filled with the wreckage and debris of destroyed space colonies. Into this maelstrom of death go two veteran pilots, the Zeon sniper, Daryl Lorenz, and Federation ace Io Fleming.”

The post also includes some panels from the first entry. It is available now.