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Weekly Kpop Update #5

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If this week’s line up were a race, then Taeyeon would have won by a mile! This past week saw some great releases and MV’s, as you’ll see below, but Taeyeon definitely did some damage! And by damage we mean she utterly ruined us with her three new releases for her deluxe album “My Voice.” Check out her latest MV “Make Me Love You” and others below!

1. Taeyeon – Make Me Love You

This week’s crown, goes to Taeyeon. She’s not only working her ass off, which is evident in her recent three additional tracks added to her stellar recent album “My Voice,” but the recent tracks are also really good and have cemented Taeyeon as a queen in Kpop!

SM Entertainment has released ten major tracks so far and 1/3 of those have belonged to Taeyeon. “Make Me Love You,” is easily one of her best offerings ever!

The song is western in its appeal, much like most of her album’s songs. It’s got a nice build up that allows it to sit comfortably between a ballad and a midtempo arrangement.

Her vocals are on point. The chorus is where the song hits its stride though. “Make me love,” is easily the Kpop song of the week and the MV is just as adorable!



2. Jeong Eunji – The Spring (ft. Hareem)

We can’t think of a better song to celebrate the entry of the world into spring once again than Jeong Eunji’s mellow offering “The Spring.”

Her voice is complimented with a midtempo beat in the background. There’s a pleasantness to the higher pitch of her voice and minimalistic delivery. Check it out!



3. EXID – Night Rather Than Day

EXID slows their regular sound down just a bit with their recent track “Night Rather Than Day.” You’ll still dance, but it’s more like the pre-night out song versus the one you’ll be getting down to on the dancefloor.

This is a nice change of pace for them. The song contains addictive singing and rapped verses that interplay well with one another. That finger snapping in the background is addictive as well!



4. BLACK6IX – Please

Look out BingBang! The 2016 BLACK6IX is learning from your influence and planning to take those lessons and really go to town! Their recent track “Please” has all the makings of a big hit: soaring chorus, electronic meets strings musical arrangement, great harmonizes, and great dance moves!


5. IMFACT – Tension Up

IMFACT is new to the Kpop crew, but they are off to a great start and that only continues with their song “Tension Up.” The title is perfect, because that’s what the song is all about – tension!

You’re going to wanna hit the nearest dancefloor with this song playing on your phone! The pre-chorus gets you going, with the electronic wind up, but it’s nothing in comparison to the chorus.

This song feels like a throwback, in a way, to the electronic craze that took over the western and eastern pop worlds in 2014 and 2015. We’re not complaining either!