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Weekly KPop Update #4

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April starts us off with a nice variety of songs in the Kpop world! If you’re ready to get down, we totally recommend Oh My Girl’s or FlowBack’s recent songs! If you’re in a nostalgic, Kdrama mood, we totally think you’ll love Daesung’s first song!

1. Oh My Girl – Coloring Book

This song from Oh My Girl starts off strong and doesn’t stop. The cutesy vocals will make you sing out loud! You’ll be humming “bang, bang” without even knowing it!



2. Red Velvet – Would U

Red Velvet is here to slow things down with their midtempo song. Red Velvet’s vocals are nice and blend together amazingly. Toward the end there is a nice little breakdown of the melody that will probably become your favorite part!



3. Apink – Bye Bye

Apink decided to stick with familiar ground with their recent song “Bye Bye.” It has that same slick, chorus heavy appeal that previous works have brought together. This is one of those songs that comes on and it’s hard not to smile even if it’s a kiss-off song.



4. FlowBack – Booyah!

In your face comes FlowBack with “Booyah!” Try saying that without wanting to throw your hand in someone’s face! This song has a lot of western musical influence and will remind you of those 90’s boybands – not that that is a bad thing at all! There are also the slick rap verses in there to spice things up, not that they need them because the vocals are on FIRE! Seriously, there is a dramatic and fierce force behind their delivery that makes it hard to stay still.




5. Daesung (D-LITE) – D-Day

Daesung steps away from BigBang with his first solo offering in a while, and it’s pretty damn good! The song starts off pretty slow only to have the drum kick in and some light orchestral elements to accompany it. It sounds like a piece straight from a Kdrama. Daesung’s voice takes center stage as he hits those hit notes.