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Weekly Kpop Update #3

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Here is your rundown of the Kpop heavy hitters for the week of March 27th! IU is easily the queen of the batch as it’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard from her! But we also have some impressive offerings from Moon Hyuna who went solo, MonSta X who returned to their original sound, and more!

1. Girl’s Day – I’ll Be Yours

First we have the latest from Girl’s Day who made a comeback with this bass heavy stomper that’ll have you up and walking like a fashion model in no time! The MV has some amazing choreography and a lot cool shots.





2. IU – Through The Night

IU made a huge splash this with her latest single. Ever experimenting with different sounds and truly making herself stand out from the typical Kpop song. Her latest song is no exception to this! It’s an interesting blend of melancholy and pop.




The song has shattered some charts too!


3. Moon Hyuna – Cricket Song

Moon Hyuna departed Nine Muses last October, and has now released her first solo single Cricket Song! The song takes more of an indie feel to its approach. It’s a bit repetitive but totally will wiggle its way into your ears!





4. Pristin – Wee Woo

Prepare to say “wee woo” over and over again because you will be having the short but addictive repetitive chorus in your head all day after listening to Pristin’s latest song! It’s obvious that they’re aiming for a spring hit possibly a summer one.




The MV also reeks of colorfulness—not that we’re complaining!


5. Monsta X – Beautiful

The boys of Monsta X return with not just another song but with the bombastic, floor stomping sound that they are known for! This will make those who loved their lighter sound a little sad but we dare them to stay sad after hearing “Beautiful.”

Do they have what it takes to dominate the charts?