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Weekly Kpop Update #1

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Welcome to the very first Kpop Update, where we scour the internet for the latest and hottest kpop news and place it all in one place, just for you!

In this week’s Kpop Update for the week of March 13th, we have some IU appreciation, FIESTAR’S latest teaser, as well as MVP, LOONA 1/3 and GOT7’s new MV’s!

1. IU steals the show with her legs!

IU had all eyes on her this week when she performed in a slinky, black outfit. The outfit accentuated her beautiful legs, so let’s take a moment and appreciate the perfection that is IU.





2. “Why Is It Spring Again” MV teased by FIESTAR’s Cao Lu, G-Friend’s Yerin, and Kisum

Fiestar will make you fangirl/fanboy with their latest MV teaser “Why Is It Spring Again.” Watch them strum their way to your heart below!




3. MVP drops MV for “Take It”

Prepare to fall for MVP, the new Kpop group on the block. They were quickly becoming one of the top groups to watch out for in 2017. “Take It” is a good example why! The beat is rambunctious and the style is on par with the top tier Kpop kings and queens.




4. LOONA 1/3 drops new MV “Love & Live”

The LOONA project recently broke off into a subunit to bring us “Love & Live” which is more on the lighter side of Kpop. Their vocals will remind us of soft and airy things like fluffy pillows and angel cake.





5. GOT7 drops new MV “Never Ever”

The boys of GOT7 have been making waves with their year long project called Flight Plan. The songs in the project have shown an interesting departure in their previous sound and it doesn’t seem like “Never Ever” is going to change that any time soon.