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Weekly Kpop Update #2

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For the week of March 30th, we not only have the first day of Spring finally here but we also have a good round-up of new Kpop songs from the likes of Snuper and BLANC7 – who seemed to come out of nowhere to slay our existences with their new MV and awesome outfits. GOT7 also celebrates a 14 million milestone!

1. Snuper drops “Oh Yeah!”

Snuper is showing that rookies of the Kpop realm are nothing to push aside. “Oh Yeah!” is a fun song that’s perfect for the beginning of the Spring season. The song features a light dance beat that makes it sound like it totally would go well with any anime as an OP song. The MV itself is adorable and typical with its high school backdrop. It’ll woo you with its cutesy aesthetic and their dance moves are totally squee worthy!



2. B1A4 bring us “You And I”

B1A4 recently switched their agency to Universal Music Japan for their recent release. This is a big step for them and the result of it is “You And I.” The song contains an infectious chorus that is bound to get stuck in your head. Each of the guys seem to be making love to the camera and trying to seduce you (and it’s working!). The downfall to UMJ is that we only get the short version of the MV. Check it out below.


They also recently celebrated Sandeul’s birthday!





3. Romeo doesn’t want to be “Without U”

With a catchy, synth-light beat, airy vocals and a crunching chorus, Romeo truly lives up to their name with the song and MV “Without U.” It feels like summer has come early when you listen to them. Both the rap verses and the vocal verses blend in nicely so you don’t ever feel like the song is swaying from its smooth course.





4. Blanc7 comes on strong with “Yeah.”

BLANC7 are the new guys who are surely to capture your ear in the coming months! They come to you thanks to Jackpot Entertainment and consist of Shinwoo, JeanPaul, Teno, D.L, SPAX, K-KID and Taichi. “Yeah” features the infectious formula you need for kpop, including the proverbial rap verse, but they keep things fresh by keeping the beat somewhere in the midpoint between dance and ballad. It makes for a smooth sound that is even smoother with the MV. Their outfits are just so AWESOME.




5. GOT7’s “Never Ever” hits 13 MILLION views!!

Congratulations to GOT7 whose recent hit song “Never Ever” hit the 13 million mark in views! That’s insane!


And the netizens are just as wowed and excited! Check out some of their awesome reactions!