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Kpop Update: BTS Breaks Record With “Not Today” MV

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BTS is conquering the world with their latest album, the popular Kpop boy band shattered records. Early this past Monday, they blew through the 6 million mark for views in under 12 hours!!

Eventually they hit the 10.98 million views mark by the end of the first 24 hours!

The MV was uploaded around 12:30 AM and those who were keeping tabs on it noticed that by 3:30 AM, the video had already surpassed the two million mark. BTS broke their own previous record which was at 9.4 million views with their hit “Spring Day.”

The title for fastest rising and viral YouTube history still goes to PSY’s “Gentleman” which had 100 million hits in just 4 days. Will BTS one day win that title?

But until that day comes, let’s just enjoy “Not Today.” The song is a full throttle, Kpop song with an explosive chorus. The dance choreography is off the chain and don’t even get us started on the many backgrounds used in the MV.