Daily: Former Attack On Titan Editor Arrested For Allegedly Murdering His Wife?!

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While we know that there is a lot of murder in Attack On Titan we certainly don’t assume for it to spill over into real life. Sadly that’s the case for the popular manga’s first editor, 41 year-old Jung-hyun Park, who has been arrested for allegedly murdering his 38 year-old wife at their Tokyo residence last year.

The news comes from the Tokyo Reporter, as it was mentioned that Park phoned emergency services on August 9 at 2:50am, saying that his wife had collapsed. When officers arrived on the scene, they found his wife on her back at the foot of the stairs with light scratches on her face. The cause of death according to Reporter was later revealed to be suffocation, with oxygen being cut off due to pressure around her throat.

The suspicions come specifically from his stories. The Reporter mentions that Park said his wife had fallen down the stairs, but later changed his story, saying she had committed suicide by hanging herself on the staircase’s handrail.

We send out our condolences to the family and all those affect by this news.