Daily: Flappy Bird Creator launches Ninja Spinki Challenges!

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Ah yes, remember that one time when a simple and frustrating game called Flappy Bird graced the presence of many different phones and people were just obsessed with it and hated it at the same time? Well the creator got so much backlash that he decided to back away from the gaming industry.

Until now, yep he’s back with another game Ninja Spinki Challenges. It’s a collection of six mini-games and you’re tasked with completing them all in order to train and become a ninja.

The collection of tasks in Ninja Spinki Challenges includes dodging bouncing cats and even hitting targets with shurikens.


Ninja Spinki Challenges is obviously no Flappy Bird which is a good thing right? The challenges are timed but don’t seem to be incredibly difficult, although some are saying it’s just as frustrating!


Others are actually enjoying it and ranking in some top shinobi scores!


Check out the trailer and see for yourself how fun and frustrating it looks!