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Weekly Anime Minute #19

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Well January came and went but February looks like it’s ready to compete with anime news from January. Besides the second season of a beloved anime series coming to Netflix this month, we also look at a teaser for a new adaptation and some Jpop/Jrock goodness! So let’s jump right into this Week’s Anime Minute #19!

1. Time to Turn the clocks back With new “Sagrada Reset” Teaser Trailer

We’ve been waiting to hear news on the up-coming adaptation of “Sagrada Reset,” and now we have a teaser trailer!

The light novels are considered a “youth science fiction love story” series. They are written by Yutaka Kino and illustrated. G You Shiina. This exciting series with teens that happen to have special powers comes out in April 2017! We can’t wait! J

2. English versions of RADWIMPS’ “Your Name.” Theme Song Now Available!

With the North American release finally coming in April, Your Name’s four theme and insert songs are making their English debut as well.

Makoto Shinkai’s Kimi no Na wa or Your Name is making its mark and it seems like even the music is ready to take us by storm.

RADWIMPS is responsible for the performances and they’ve been in online stores like iTunes since January 27th! The CD with all four songs will be released on February 22nd.

Here’s an English sample and the two Japanese versions!

3. Netflix bringing “Seven Deadly Sins: Signs Of Holy War” Anime Our Way!

Alrighty Seven Deadly Sins fans, listen up! We know that the awesome show by Nakaba Suzuki ended after its October 2014 – March 2015 run but this was pretty limited.

Additionally “Signs of Holy Wat” ran on TBS and MBS for four weeks and it started in January.well good news! Netflix has now schedule the follow up for a debut on February 17th

Check out the confirmation in the video below!