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Weekly Anime Minute #14

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The year may be ending but we are definitely only getting started for the next year in anime releases! In this week’s Anime Minute, we look at three announcements for anime that we are looking forward to seeing this coming year! Keep reading to find out more!

1. Anime of “Yu-No” Visual Novel Remake is Coming!

Yu-No, which is a visual novel that’s getting a remake on the PS4 and Vita, seems to be getting another treatment in the form of an anime. MAGES, Genco, and Feel Anime Production companies are all combining forces to make it happen, and it was recently revealed in an announcement trailer!

Yu-No is a classic visual novel about “a girl who chants love at the bound of this world.” It’s a property owned by 5pb. Word hasn’t got around if the video game will be released in the west but we at least know that we should be able to watch the anime. We’re excited and plan to keep this on our radar!


2. Upcoming Anime “Hinako Note” gets its first Preview

The preview for the upcoming anime “Hinako Note” is narrated by M.A.O. as protagonist Hinako. The four panel comedy manga that’s starting to take the east by storm is getting an anime adaptation and official website released as a short preview of the show narrated by the awesome M. A. O. who is playing Hinako Sakuragi.

The narration gives backstory to the setting of the world. Hinako is from Tokyo and she wants to overcome her social phobia. She does so by entering the theatre club at her high school. Sadly the club was closed down and then she starts to build a new life for herself with other interesting residents who live in her apartment complex.

We can’t wait to see what happens! It’s got an interesting story that many people can sympathize with.

3. “Granblue Fantasy” The Animation Premieres in April 2017!

Granblue Fantasy fans, hold on to your hats! We recently found out that the animated series will be premiering in April! While there was an initial delay, Aniplex dropped information and we are stoked! Before that though, a one-hour TV special “Zankutinzeru Arc” will be aired on TOKYO MX and Abema TV on January 21, 2017.

On top of this announcement, we were also given a trailer of the up coming anime. It looks to have some pretty impressive animation, not to mention it’s incredible song by Jrock group Bump of Chicken!