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Weekly Anime Minute #11

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Attack On Titan and Princess Mononoke fans are going to be very pleased with this week Anime Minute news! Read below to find out why!


1. Attack On Titan Season Two is coming in April!

Perhaps the biggest news this week in anime is that the long awaited second season of Attack on Titan is finally coming! The news comes via AnimeNewsNetwork, who states that the news was revealed on a wraparound jacket band on Hajime Isayama’s 21st Attack on Titan manga volume.

To say that fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment is an understatement. We include ourselves. We want answers especially to the big reveals and questions that came up toward the end of the first season!

Attack On Titan - Season Two - Promotional Picture

2. Live-Action Gin to Kin TV Series! Announces Additional Cast Members!

The site for the adaptation of Nobuyuki Fukumoto’s work Gin to Kin manga has recently revealed who the other cast members will be for the up and coming live action. It will be 12 episodes long and feature the following cast:

Lily Franky (live-action Bakuman.) as underworld fixer Ginji Hirai

Lily Franky - Live Action Bakuman - Ginji Hirai - Promotional Picture

Sports Makita as former Metropolitan Police Department member Iwao Yasuda

Sports Makita - Iwao Yasuda - Gin to Kin Live Action Promo

Asami Usuda (Konchū Monogatari Mitsubachi Hutch – Yūki no Melody) as bar owner and former reporter Kyoko Tatsumi

Asami Usuda - Kyoko Tatsumi - Gin to Kin Live Action Promo

Jun Murakami (live-action Red Shadow: Akakage, Cutie Honey) as broker and former prosecutor Masashi Funada

Jun Murakami - Masashi Funada


3. Studio Ghibli’s Classic Princess Mononoke Turns 20!

Right on the heels of Spirited Away having it’s 15th birthday, Princess Mononoke turns 20! Move over Spirited Away, it’s time for older the sister Princess Mononoke to have her time in the spotlight!