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Weekly Anime Minute #10

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This week’s Anime Minute has got some new Crunchyroll awesomeness and some new anime theme announcements! Read below for more!

  1. Crunchyroll Adds “Please Teacher!” and “Please Twins!” to their Catalog

““Please Teacher!” and “Please Twins!” will be available on Crunchyroll! Both of the series will be available in the US and Canada at 5:00pm Pacific Time. PLEASE! today comes from Nozomi Entertainment, which  brought us anime like The Rose of Versailles and many more” – Crunchyroll

Please Teacher!


Please Twins!

  1. Yowamushi Pedal: NEW GENERATION” Announces OP / ED Themes

Are you a Yowamushi Pedal: NEW GENERATION fan? Well we have more info about the upcoming show’s theme songs! The opening theme for the show, called “Cadence”, will be performed by Natsuhiro Takaaki! We’re so excited! The ending theme for the show, which is called “Now or Never”, will be performed by Saeki YouthK.


  1. FEATURE: Novel vs Anime – “No Game No Life” Crunchyroll Feature series!

Crunchyroll recently started a new feature in which they are looking at the nuances between novels and anime. Have you have wondered how anime get turned into manga or manga into anime? Well this new feature will take some of the titles that’s they’ve worked on and break it down for you, check it out!