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Music Fix: Smoke and Fire by Sabrina Carpenter

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Sabrina Carpenter is just like other Disney artists who came before her and is going through the stages of defining her musical presence. She made a name for herself on the hit show Girl Meets World, and then made her debut in singing last year with her album “Eyes Wide Open.”

It is a pretty good effort for a first album but she knows that with the second one, she’s gotta bring the heat. Literally. She claimed in multiple interviews that if people thought her first album was mature they haven’t seen anything yet. And if the new track Smoke and Fire is anything to deal with the new vibe then we have to agree!

Smoke and Fire has a very confident vibe to it. It’s much bigger in sound and also offers a deeper dimension to her voice and her musical influences.

This time the song has more of a R&B feel to it, especially with the chorus that contains a nice kick and backing piano track to it. The song stays at a consistent beat throughout, which makes it fit comfortably with its current music counterparts.

The confidence is heard in her voice as she sings a song that echoes the sentiment of a love affair stuck in an inconsistent state. The image of smoke and fire are meant to channel a sense of anxiety, just like how they say in the cliché: “where there’s smoke there’s fire.”

The lyrics contain a nice play on the metaphor with dashes of references here and there but it doesn’t feel over used, which keeps it from being a pun.

While her debut had songs that were full of confidence, she is also more confident on her delivery. There’s a polish to the mix that was there at first but shows that she’s maturing and training her musical pipes.

Smoke and Fire will make you get up and dance. It’s a nice fresh sound for her as she goes from the youthful ideas of her first album on to the more mature ones such as the outcomes of love and telling her stories with more confidence. It’s a total listen, check it out below!