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Music Fix: F. A. B. by Jojo featuring Remy Ma

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2016 was the year that Jojo truly made her come back. After being in record label hell that stalled her career for an almost ten years, Jojo is ready to show us what we’ve been missing. The music world may have changed since she was last on the scene but she is more then able to keep up with the changes. Her album is a nice blend of pop, R&B, and soul. It’s got a blend of introspective ballads and foot stomping anthems. The latter is what you get when you come into her latest single “F. A. B. featuring female MC Remy Ma.

From the start, it’s easy to tell that Jojo has grown from her trials and tribulations not only in voice but also in the gritty take on her new music. It’s very urban and no bullshit and she definitely love her curse words. “F. A. B.” is full of that attitude and it shows in the song’s arrangement. It starts with a guitar and simple urban beat. There’s a distorted male toned voice in the distance for good measure. The song doesn’t hit any major strides like many dance songs out this year and this is nice. The chorus is still memorable, mainly due to the playful lyrical elements of the song.

The song is a call out, calling out those people in your life who weren’t there for you when you needed them. We all know someone like that, and that’s what makes the attitude of “F. A. B.” so authentic. It stands for “fake ass bitches.” While it’s easy to dismiss the song as just another cheap diss, the lyrics save it from being so.

“Sweetie I don’t want your cookies/If you’re looking for applause, keep lookin’/Your recipe’s boring, need a little more spice in my cookin’/Honey you don’t want my problems/If you had ’em you would sink to the bottom/You should bring your life jacket/’Cause people like you can’t handle this, no.”

While Beyoncé gave us Lemonade this year, Jojo is giving us a lesson on what’s good cooking. First and foremost cookies aren’t her thing, and the people who did her wrong she considers their recipes boring. On top of this, she takes the metaphor to an empowering note as she tells the haters that they’d sink with her problems. We dare you not to sing these lyrics out loud and not get a look of attitude on your face.

The song keeps a steady pace as Jojo takes the “fake ass bitches” to task. The chorus is also ear catching, as she says they “eat all the food of your plate and they don’t do dishes.” Now THAT is a clapback! It makes the song playful, and makes you smile just like toward the end of the song as Jojo makes a little squee like scream at the end.

We have to give Remy Ma a special shoutout for her verse. It’s another highlight in the song. It’s smooth and goes down like an ice cold drink as she raps:

“I got both middle fingers all the way up/And for fraud broads, I don’t give two fucks/If I say something, my moves’ll back it/You be running your mouth and it don’t match your actions/And I ain’t throwing shade, I’m just saying/Act like it’s a buffet and eat off your own plate/’Cause it not a compliment when I say you fab/You just a F-A-B with your fake ass, bitch.”

She practically stops the song with her verse with even the best taking a rest as they bow to Remy’s growling, gritty rap verse.

Jojo and Remy Ma ain’t got time for these “F. A. B.” but we all have time to turn this up and cast off those “F. A. B.’s” in our lives! The song is perfect for those moments you need a pick me up!