Music Fix: Ain’t My Fault by Zara Larsson

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Zara Larsson broke into the music charts last year with her unforgettable and addicting track “Never Forget You.” The dance track had just the right amount of pep, repetition, and club song vibe to be one of the biggest earworms of the year. It took her a while to come back but she’s finally here with her new song “Ain’t My Fault.” The question is: does this song slay the same way her hit did?

First and foremost Larsson is sticking close to her winning formula with a song co-written by her singer captain MNEK, the other half of “Never Forget You.”And it seems like they’re bound to strike gold again!

At first it’s a bit difficult to feel warm to “Ain’t My Fault” if you were expecting the same playful, heartwarming sentiment that she had last year. This track is more urban, and gritty. This is especially true when you listen to the beat drop just after the chorus which has a strong Hip-hop element to it.

But it’s not all like this, as the rest of the song does see Larsson treading the same pop grounds she’s done before. You even get that same moment in the song when you hear the repetition and you love it, in this case, from the ‘I-I-I can be responsible’ lines.

What makes this song a “show off” piece is that we get to hear her vocals moreover without the playful auto tune. She can hit those high notes! It’s in these moments that there is a 90’s throwback to the song, which is also what could be heard on her previous track. It’s a nice way to render the songs message about how a guy is driving her crazy.

While we do miss a bit of the playful nature of her previous hit, we do like that she’s stepping out into an urban influence realm of pop. Check it out for yourself!