Music Fix: Starving by Hailee Steinfeld

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Hailee Steinfeld has made quite the name for herself as a singer. Many will probably remember her from Pitch Perfect 2 as Mattie Ross, and even cooler, she’s been nominated for an Oscar for the film True Grit! She made heads bob last year with “Love Myself,” and most recently she’s satiating our desire for more addicting songs with “Starving.”

Starving is a track produced by Zedd, but you wouldn’t know that from the initial sound. You don’t hear any crazy EDM explosions or drops. Instead you get a more chilled out track that will bring the tempo up a bit but not much. This works to make this song a bit more diverse from Zedd’s other tracks.

There is a dance vibe but there’s also a guitar, singer-song writer glow to the creation. It’s interesting to think that two such things can work in harmony. Hailee’s voice oozes over the lyrics with a sensual touch. There’s a shift in the chorus, and then the breakdown within the song is where you get your EDM Fix.

But EDM junkies are going to feel deprived if they come into this track expecting more. And the lyrics are just as what you’d expect from Zedd’s. While they’re not his most playful verses, it is catchy to hear:  “Don’t need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo.”

But what’s really cool about the song is how Hailee’s voice goes from sensual to growling like a huntress. She really makes the lyrics her own, making the idea of summer love, so swift, come back to you in such a dream like fashion. We dare you not to sing with her as she croons:

“I didn’t know that I was starving ’till I tasted you”

With Zedd’s behind her, Hailee continues to bring her addictive sound to the pop realm. It shows that both her and Zedd are diverse in their delivery. Give it a listen!