Music Fix: Phoenix by Olivia Holt

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Olivia Holt wants you to feel good about yourself and stop being a wallflower in her recent song “Pheonix.” The song is very much like many of the early Disney star songs, one in which is meant to empower the younger audiences (and older ones who still love to hear inspirational songs). It’s the perfect addition to your playlist.

The song starts out with a stomp and clap bass drop that demands your attention, which is well enough as the song is meant to get you off your feet.

The lyrics are familiar as she sings:

“Why you hanging in the background?/ Like a painting that’s been turned round. […] Why you humming with your mouth shut?/It’s like Aretha singing backup/Come on, come on, come on, come on/You know the words, go write your song.”

They’re adorably clever as they invoke a sense of excitement, which is what a torch pop ballad like this is meant to do. That also means that the chorus is meant to set you soaring, which is does, as she sings:

“You got the heart of a phoenix/So let them see you rise/Hey-ey-ey, hey-ey-ey/Let them know that you mean it/Let them see you rise.”

This makes the chorus addicting, but it is a little weird for the fact that a phoenix is meant to reborn from the sense of pain, and the song doesn’t mention anything like that prior to the chorus.

It doesn’t make the song any worse for wear, but it does make the metaphor a little less powerful.

What is nice about the song is that even though it is a torch song with an explosive chorus, the song itself is a little more subdued in comparison to its other counterparts.

This is nice as it keeps the song from being over-dramatic, and makes it easier to put on repeat when you’re not in the mood to be lifted off to the stratosphere every minute.