Music Fix: Closer by The Chainsmokers

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Summer time is normally filled with love songs. Many of them are playful first love type of songs. Others are like the recent song by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey on the song “Closer.”

The Chainsmokers and Halsey have both been making names for themselves in the pop music world in the past couple of years. What you get in Closer is a clash of these two star crossed talents into a tale of star crossed lovers.

The song has a slow progression, with the male voice coming in and introducing us to the story. He admits that he’s a bit of a jerk because he hooked up with a woman at a club.

He then moved away and never said anything to her. No calls, nothing. Four years later, our couple finds each other in a hotel bar and as the chorus goes:

“So baby pull me closer/In the backseat of your Rover/That I know you can’t afford/Bite that tattoo on your shoulder/Pull the sheets right off the corner/Of the mattress that you stole/From your roommate back in Boulder/We ain’t ever getting older.”

The chorus is definitely where the song shines. It’s got an addictive 1-2-3 repetition to it as the words flow from the singer’s mouth like words to a poem.

The song basically becomes a star crossed-lovers ordeal where you have two people who didn’t really hit it off, but finding themselves irresistibly drawn to one another when they meet again.

What makes this song different from others is how the song is able to bring in so many different details. It makes the song feel more realistic and grounded than other songs, and this helps to compliment the fact that it’s not just another empty love song. It’s a song about lust and the complex feelings that arise from it.

“We ain’t ever getting older.” Summer love and lust in a nutshell.