Music Fix: Calling by fhana

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Once in a while there is an anime song that comes and the first thing you think about is: “I’m going to love this!” In most cases, it happens just as you’re hearing the first chords for the first time. Something in it just rings true, and that’s what happened with our listen to fhana’s – Calling.

The song itself isn’t super original; if anything it is very much steeped in nostalgia. The guitar chords and the piano sound like a song from multiple anime opening and closing songs. Even the lyrics are reminiscent of it:

“When I close my eyes now/In the middle of this journey of no return/In this short-lived peace/We sleep, embracing our wishes.”

Right off the bat we have the lyrics referring to a journey that has began and we are at the crossroads in which we are feeling a sense of doubt and contemplation. Alongside the familiar lyrics we have fhana’s high pitched and endearing vocals soaring over the ever ascending chords of the song.

Fhana’s voice hits the sweet spot at the chorus which is revisited just enough times that it’s fun but not too overwhelming. And this is where the title of the song comes in:

“Rest your wings for the sake of tomorrow/For us to be able to laugh now here/Means that by the end of this journey/We’ll surely grasp the fragments of our calling, right?/For now, let’s sleep here, drawing our dreams.”

What’s interesting to note is that we’ve got a song that isn’t pushing the adventure along at the chorus but instead inviting a respite. For Jrpgamers, this is perhaps when we go to the inn and see a conversation happen without party members.

And what’s nice about the chorus is that it continues to build up further and further each time it’s played, but the journey continues on and the chorus takes a slight spiritual shift towards the end:

“Rest your wings for the sake of tomorrow/For us to be able to laugh now here/Means that, as we pray to God,/We live, cultivating food for our daily lives/And then, let’s sleep here again tonight.”

It’s here that fhana reaches her highest notes, along with her longest notes. The song and the journey are at its peak. But then, she tops it off with such a heartfelt line:

“Let’s go on together.”

It’s as if she’s taking our hand and saying let’s continue on our journey in life together with smiles even when the hard times come.

The song fits the narrative for Zestiria perfectly given that the story is about both the internal and external journey to faith and belief. It’s a retelling of an Arthurian tale.

And fhana nails it!

Here are the lyrics just in case you wanted to follow along.