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Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation Brings “Fine” to the Internet and its Hot!

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Taeyeon is ready to release her full length album and the title song is “Fine.” The album will include an exclusive track called “Time to Walk Through Memories” but it will only be available through physical copies of the album.

The song is a nice departure for Taeyeon and is stripped down and emotional. The guitar leads most of the track, with a subtle, alternative vibe. It shows that Taeyeon can just as easily send people to the dance floor as she can also break our hearts. It’s especially gut wrenching when the song stops and Taeyeon starts crying in the MV.

Fans seem to agree as well.

Taeyeon also pre-sold a record number of 114,000 copies, which shows that we are so ready for this album.

Get your heart-broken below and watch the video!