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KPop Fix: Darling – Taeyang

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Taeyang is venturing out on his own lately and his song have been consist. The shift in emotion and musical delivery change, however, with his recent single and MV “Darling.”

From the start, “Darling” has two main instruments that become the focus of its arrangement – Taeyang’s unfiltered, stripped vocals and a dark, brooding, naked piano arrangement to accompany it. First let’s focus on his voice.

Taeyang’s vocal have a strong sense of emotional pain in them, which helps to make the delivery of the somber song believable.

He starts with a firm message for his lover: “You’re mean till the end/Turning your back, your last words/were harsh and heartless, good bye/I was mad and lost control again/Okay I’m done, today we’re over/I don’t know, I did everything I can.”

He’s in the moment post-break up we all know, which is that desire to say goodbye, but this there’s a sense of uncertainty (“I don’t know”).

The song has a nice array of different emotions Taeyang goes through. Anger: “Because of you, my everything, breaks apart/Darling you/You’re the hope in my fear/Darling you/At the end of a long journey.”

Regret: “When will you ever stop breaking into tears/Stop, please please/Just go to someone else that never makes you cry/I hate myself being mean to you.” Longing: “Drunk, drinking the drink called you/I’m tottering again, wandering in the maze called you/Darling you/I fall down again, bumping into the wall called you/But I’m happy if it’s because of you.”

This makes “Darling” a very personal and yet relatable song for anyone who’s going through the emotional complexities of heartache.

The piano is the only thing backing Taeyang’s vocals, and it works very well. The stripped presentation will undoubtedly be the moment in a concert where Taeyang gets to take a breather from the gymnastics and pour over love lost and make the audience feel like they’re collectively having their hearts broken. Quite the wonderful scene.

The MV sticks with the moody feeling of the vocals and arrangement of “Darling.” It’s starts with a smoke filled atmosphere, with scenes of Taeyang by himself and other scenes with a woman for whom we’re to assume is his love interest.

At times she’s seen clinging onto him, probably giving us memories that Taeyang is experiencing. These smokier scenes are countered with scenes of Taeyang wearing white, with clear skies above him, which can symbolize a sense of peace and clear-headedness.

While the MV could have just stayed with these to contrasting scenes, we get more of the story revealed. Well more like “story,” as it’s hard to ground completely what’s going on as symbols from a church come as well, and it feels like his love interest died.

I’m not quite sure if you should take this more as a literal story element or something dream-like (hence the smoke).

“Darling” is a nice departure for Taeyang. It shows that he’s got a great voice and can carry complex emotions without having a track that’s over produced.

Watch him be sexy and angsty below!