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Kpop Fix: Sunmi – Gashina

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It always sucks when we hear about yet another Kpop group breaking up and so was the case of Wonder Girl, whose announcement was made early 2017.

It really hurt many fans but on the positive side, there were also announcements of solo projects and other things from the members. (Thank God.) Now here we are in August of 2017 and Sunmi is venturing out on her own.

She’s with MakeUs entertainment and she’s ready to show us all what she’s got a solo artist!

Enter her single “Gashina.”

“Gashina” follows the trend of many pop songs right now that have taken on the tropical EDM sound. From the get go, we’re treated to a raggae light backdrop sound, as Sunmi tries to make sense of her lover’s recent actions.

“Your cold eyes/They kill me/The fire in your heart that used to grow/Why are there only ashes remaining?/Maybe time is medicine/But I’m getting weaker/The sad pain is getting numb too.”

She’s hitting her breaking point with dealing with this guy. She’s tired of his crap. She quickly finds her power to move on.

“Fine, I’ll forget you/I’m gonna live like a flower, I’ll be myself/Can’t nobody stop me now/no try me.”

The words are fierce, and will undoubtedly help fans tap into their own inner strength. Speaking of strength, Sunmi’s voice really stands out on the track. It takes centerstage, which makes the fierceness of her lines even fiercer.

It’s a big weird that the prechorus of the song is a hell of a lot more intense and satisfying then the chorus.

“Everyone wants my scent/But only you don’t know, like a fool/Are you sure you’re not crazy?/Why are you leaving the pretty me here/And going?”

Depending on which translation you use, it could mean perfume, which I personally find to be a bit more poetic. Either way, I love how she’s self aware that she’s leaving a scented trail behind and that other guys will totally want to be with her, and yet this guy who said he liked her is totally just letting a good woman like her walk away.

The pre-chorus builds up the track, but then the chorus seems to … just drop. It’s not necessarily the song’s fault as this is just a trend in pop music right now, one that I’m personally not a fan of. It feels like a musical cliff hanger.

The song picks back up once the chorus, thankfully, stops and she’s back on her confidence boosting phrases.

“You’ll see me all sharp/And you’ll bow your head low/My thorns will dig deeper in you/You already bent and twisted me/So don’t act like you’re sorry/But the one who’s really twisted/It’s not me, it’s you.”

I love these lines so much, and feel the need to strut as she unleashes them.

The song continues to push itself up and get you excited as she dishes out the last and arguably most empowering lines.

“You have withered, I have bloomed/And it’s over/Even if you wanna come back/You may seem like you’ll be fine without me right now/But no matter how much I think about it/Are you sure you’re not crazy?”

But then…the chorus drops and the song stutters toward an anticlimactic end.

“Gashina,” is a song that’s at the top of its game in every way, but the chorus. It doesn’t totally suck, but leaves me wanting more. After a few listens however, I did at least learn to accept it, especially sense it’s the pop trend right now.

Watch Sunmi dish out the attitude in the video below!