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Rania’s Demonstrate

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Rania has an interesting past that shows that they can handle quite a bit. The group, like the misfortune that many pop groups have to deal with, had their members changed around a bit. The recovery from this shift can make or break a group because you’re shifting the image that the group was created on.

This can make a fan feel like they no longer want to be a part of the fandom, if it’s not done correctly. After the roster change, many were left wondering what would happen to their favorite group. Would they sink into oblivion or would they be like some other groups who rise from the ashes reborn into the new era?

Well, let Rania “Demonstrate” how it’s done =p

The song is reminiscent of many popular songs in the western hemisphere, which have dominating horns and addicting handclaps. Think Ariana Grande’s “Focus,” Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” and Demi Lovato’s “Confident.” The song starts with a playful amount of rap-talk singing, inviting the listener to come and join Rania in their newfound confidence. From here, the song has a persistent use of dominant horns, with the bridge being “clap happy,” amping you up for its addicting chorus.

Rania | Demonstrate

DR Music

The lyrics of the song oozes with girl power. They are assertive as the women “demonstrate” to their potential love interest that they are confident in their womanhood. They are following their hearts and they will not be stopped. This gives the song a double meaning as the girls are trying to promote girl power, but also telling the Kpop world that Rania isn’t over and they want to use the few minutes that the horns announce their presence to prove that.

Rania | Demonstrate MV

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The most addicting part of the song comes with the use of a cowbell. It’s hard not to think of the one prominent skit from Saturday Night Live when thinking of the use of “more cowbell.” However, this song uses it well, almost giving it a tinge of country. In a music world, chock full of sound-alikes, it is important to make yourself a little bit different, and that’s exactly what the cowbells do.

Rania | Demonstrate MV Review

DR Music

Demonstrate” is Rania’s reintroduction into the Kpop world, and it’s a good one. True it is familiar in its presentation, and will remind many listeners of things already being produced, but that’s the point, it’s made to help fans embrace the roster change by giving them something familiar.