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KPop Fix: Lullaby – Onew (SHINee) & Rocoberry

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What was initially only Rocoberry’s ballad has recently been redone to include Onew, who is from SHINee. Lullaby seems to be mix of the super pop and indie styles. And the combination is amazing!


SM’s Lullaby is very close to the ideal song, it’s beautifully created and quite alluring in a serene fashion. Part of the alluring aspect of the song comes from the combination of Roco’s and Onew’s vocals. They complement each other so well.


There is a nice guitar that leads the way into the gentle song, and then a piano comes in to add a bit of variety. This is a MUST for your playlist and for the quieter parts of the approaching summer. Maybe near sundown, when the world is falling asleep and you just want to unwind.


We’re hoping that Lullaby does well because if there is anything that this song does well is show that Onew can hold his own. We need a solo song and album from him like yesterday! SM are you listening? This needs to happen!


Until then, we’ll sit quietly listening to this song as we wait for the heart of summer to come along.