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Kpop Fix: I Wait by DAY6

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Even though DAY6 are still considered the new kids on the block, they are making big waves. They’re the ones to look out for in 2017. So far we’ve heard two mini albums from them. They haven’t released too much to keep the hype train going but that isn’t going to stop them from taking the gold yet again.

This is why the announcement that they were going to release a single every 6th calendar day for 2017, has really raised some eyebrows. The guys have shown that they’re great at creating a buzz with their music, but now we get to see if that creativity can keep them going all year long.

They start off January with the single “I Wait”. The song is about being stuck in between the yes and no of a relationship – is this love or not? The boys are asking for an answer and either want to be held or let go of.

The chorus is driven by a beat that pushes it with the force of a sonic boom. The song feels familiar and fresh all at the same time.

The song reminds of a rock anthem type of song and it’s a cool way for them to welcome us back into their world. “I Wait” demands that you get up and start to sing along. There is, however, more room for something that’s more punchy as the song does stay in the more radio friendly area of Kpop. But this by no means is a bad way for DAY6 to bring in the new year.