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Kpop Fix: Suho (EXO) – Curtain

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Suho of EXO is helping to draw the “Curtain” on SM Station’s first year as of February 2nd. And what a way to do so with this amazing ballad! Suho combined forces with Korean jazz musician Youngjoo for “Curtain.” The choice couldn’t have been any better!


Sohu’s vocals ooze with poise and nostalgia and yearning. In other words, you feel every single damn emotion that he croons about. He reminds you of why he’s been a contributing member of EXO and also why he’s so good on his own. The MV is interesting as well.


Suho is in an alternate reality trying to get to his reluctant love interest. Korean actress Kang Sora plays his love interest and she does so in a great way! What makes this song and MV also very important is that this is Suho’s first time officially releasing a solo. Sure he’s sang alone in some EXO concerts, and he does have his song “The First Moment” on the series The Universe’s Star, but this is still a big moment for him and we think he nailed it!


Suho is undoubtedly happy about the success that the song has received. “Curtain” debuted in top 50 in the digital music charts; with #1 at Genie, #3 at Mnet, #11 at Melon, #21 at Naver, #25 at Bugs, #50 at Monkey and last but not the least, #50 at Soribada.

Get swept away by the MV below!