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Kpop Fix: SHINee – Get The Treasure

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SHINee is back! Their fifth album, simply titled Five, is coming out in late February and the hype train is already in full motion! They dropped their newest MV “Get The Treasure” just recently.


The song is a sneak peek at what we can expect in Five and was released with some other tracks that include “Mr. Right Guy,” “Become Undone,” “ABOAB,” and “1 of 1 (the Japanese version).”


The MV is just as slick as you’d assume from the guys. Each of the members is dressed up in nice suits looking like a group of bad-asses straight out of an action movie. Key has an eyepatch, which you know means that the guys mean business.


The people in the backdrop of the MV look more like props for the guys to dance around, and that’s totally fine! The choreography is on point because you know… it’s SHINee. The dance moves are complicated and acrobatic but also stick with the slick, action movie feel of the video.

So enjoy their latest MV “Get The Treasure!”