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Kpop Fix: Playing With Fire by BlackPink

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It’s been a a moment since we’ve heard from the girls of BlackPink. They last graced us with their two hot songs Boom Bah Yah and Whistle. These two songs proved that they were the new kids on the block who were ready to show they too were worthy of our attention.

So it shouldn’t be a surprised that their new song “Playing With Fire” is bound to take the smoke the other songs started and make a full fledged fire.

Playing With Fire is a lot more heated then their previous songs. It’s more ambitious and it shows that the girls will not be satisfied until the comparisons are made to other Kpop girl groups with a lot of staying power. It’s energetic and also contains more vocal ability than the previous songs.

This song starts off with a dark, discorded piano riff that will fill you with a sense of attitude right away. But what makes the song really good is the way the production switches between both the hip-hop and dance compositions.

They’re different enough that you feel like you get a chorus and different verses but it doesn’t rely on the “big drop off” like so many modern songs cling to. There’s also a nice bass drop in their too which is perfect for those who want to drop it low.

The music video shows the girls giving a lot of attitude and giving the camera legs for days. Seriously there’s so much legs. The MV’s camera angles were between slow shots/close ups of the girls and then choreographed sequences.

Their outfits were fun, and had a nice variety to their color schemes but they still all blended together, as a group should. They didn’t go total ham with the choreography.

It felt more subdued and that’s totally fine with us. The song isn’t taking it to the stratosphere. It’s more like close to the stratosphere.

Playing With Fire” is a nice addition to BlackPink’s growing discography. We dare you not to get addicted, check out the MV Below!