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Kpop Fix: Ka Ching by EXO CBX

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Things are about to heat up for the EXO sub-unit EXO CBX as the end of this month marks their introduction into the kpop world officially with their LP titled Girls. We get a taste of what’s to come with their latest offering Ka Ching!, and it’s amazing!


Just because CBX is a sub-unit of EXO, doesn’t mean we should expect them to give us the same type of kpop.

The chorus so addicting, the beat drops and then they whisper in a sensual way “ka ching, ka ching, ka ching, ka ching.” It stays with you even after the song is over, and for those who really get into it, it’ll beg for you to hit the replay button.


Everyone is dressed up in tacky business clothes, you know, those types of guys who dress terribly because they can because they’re rich. But the guys of CBX make tacky look good. They’re very cute and they’ve got the smooth dance moves to match.



Check out the video for yourself!