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Kpop Fix: Hey Mama – EXO-CBX

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EXO is coming back into our lives but this time with a smaller number. This time around, there’s only three of them: Baekhyn, Xiumin, and Chen. The trio is ready to prove that they still have the chops and it seems like everyone is still totally on board (us too), with the great welcome the boys saw after “Hey Mama” and the album charted.

The boys still have that EXO swag even with reduced members! Their song contains a retro feel to it, with a 70’s inspired aura. It’s very funkadelic with a guitar heavy soundtrack to back up their atmospheric vocals. The guitars are nice in that they add complexity to the musical arrangement which makes it feel more interesting and fresh then more recent Kpop offerings.

Vocally, the boys nail it! This shouldn’t be too surprising to those who love the band as it is pretty well known that both Chen and Baekhyun are the ones who stand out from the rest. They stand out here for the same reasons: Chen with his incredible high notes, especially toward the end of the song which help to give the song its final send off, before you feel totally consumed by their song. Trust us! You’ll want to set it on repeat. The other boys are good too, with Xiumin playing his parts especially his rapping. Chen also raps and it’s slightly different but not in a bad way. They add flavor to the mix.

The boys look good in the video. They have a brighter, more colorful palette in their waredrobe this time around. There is even a little romance but we will let you figure it out when you watch the video.