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Kpop Fix: EXO – For Life

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Every EXO fan out there knows that it’s now a tradition for the guys to release some Christmas style music each year. This makes them feel like hot Santa’s ready to present to you another gift each year! It also gives the guys a chance to shine on a ballad which we all know is quite rare in the Kpop world. It’s like a treat especially when it’s from EXO!

One of the nice things about this song, if you’re like us and want songs to listen to all year long, the song doesn’t feel 100% like a Christmas song. There is a faint mention of a Christmas tree, but nothing too obvious beyond that. So don’t worry if Christmas isn’t your thing as even the grinches of EXO fans can stomach this. The song is very introspective as it is a song with an arrangement based on a piano and strings combo but there is no percussion. This puts their vocals at the center of the song and the guys have no problem keeping up with the challenge.

The chorus does shake things up a bit with the presence of a bit but they know when to cut back the lines for dramatic effect. Speaking of chorus however, the final one does take on an interesting feel towards the end which at first feels abrupt but it works well.

On top of this we also have the presentation of all the guys vocally present for this one. The song sits comfortably with many other Kpop songs, particular ones you’d expect to hear in a K-Drama. And we are totally fine with that. This is a gift you’ll want to come back to even past the Christmas season.