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KPop Fix: The Best Present by Rain

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Girl groups and boy groups of Kpop step aside because Rain is back with a slick ballad called Best Present. He’s back with the release of Best Present after a three-year hiatus from his Kpop career. The single come out very recently and has already caught everyone’s attention, it even reached 13 on Genie’s daily music chart! Not a bad way to come back!

Via Twitter, Rain wrote: “Thank you for all the attention, even though it has been three years. I will be releasing a dance number, soon.”

Additionally Rain’s new song came with some great help. It is Co-written and produced by Psy and Yoo Gun-hyung. It is described as an R&B song with lyrics depicting a confession of love.

Rain - Wedding Photo

There were some rumors that the song was about a certain someone. Fan speculated that the track was a not so hidden message of a marriage coming forth with his girlfriend of four years actor Kim Tae-hee.

They pointed to the fact that he wrote the song himself, making it that much more personal. However Rain did deny this. There was inspiration from him being in love, he mentioned but not of the specificity.

It’s nice to see a another ballad coming forth, which helps to further make him a bit different from the other acts who are dominating the Kpop charts. In his case, being different will undoubtedly compliment his comeback.

Listen to the new song below!