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Kpop Fix: BeBe by Seo In Guk

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One of the harsh realities for many Korean men is that they will have to enlist into the army at some point in their lives and for Seo In Guk this reality is quickly approaching. But luckily his latest MV isn’t a sad farewell, if anything it’s a view into the future. And the future looks braver and little more aggressive.

Seo In Guk has been one of the rarer gems in the Kpop world, who made a living off of slower songs and it could scare fans to know that he’s going in a more upbeat angle but BeBe isn’t a total abandonment of the ballad era Seo In Guk has built. Yes it does have a beat that’s a little sexier than it is romantic like his other stuff. But that’s what makes it more aggressive and braver.

From the intro, it’s apparent Seo In Guk is creating something a little more sexual. It brings back memories of the 80’s and 90’s pop music era when having a saxophone solo could be the difference between a good or bad song.

BeBe is catchy as hell and will make all you Seo In Guk fans scream with delight. (We sure did!) The hook is really where he drives it home!

The video itself is nothing too different from what you’d expect. It’s flooded with romantic colors, we see Seo In Guk and his love interesting sway around one another as he puts forward his best attempts at being swagger-riffic and they work. He looks longingly at his love interest, whispering in her ear reassuring her (and us) “don’t worry Bebe.” The MV ends on a nice little punch that punctuates the very raw and intimidate feel of the song as a whole. And it’s a nice way for him to say goodbye at least for now.