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KPop Fix: BAP – Wake Me Up

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So BAP is like totally ruling the world with their recent song “Wake Me Up.”

The is a politically conscious song that is bound to get your fist bumping and ready for a revolution. In the song, BAP demand that we wake up from the world that is trying to bring us down. They ask to not to be afraid to be emotional, to be real, to be human.

“Vive la Revolution/Be alert, this delusion has swallowed you/In the grey city/Polluted air and cold temperature/Infect rotten brains and spines/Realize the tainted truth/It’s a shell within a fractured subject/FREE, LOVE, REAL, ILL”

The song really gets at the core of being rebellious, being yourself, and refusing to let other people dictate your life.

It is one of their most refreshing songs to date.

The video is catching up on views very quickly, establishing that we really are listening to what BAP is saying and love it.


Fans are trying to get the views up even higher on some of the other sites like Naver.


The song is well produced and projects itself into the stratosphere. You want to stand, you want to stomp, you want to go tell that person that makes you feel like a loser to screw off! This new BAP anthem is a must watch! So Check it out below!