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Kpop Fix – Back by Infinite

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One of the enjoyments of listening to Kpop music is how it is both familiar and different. It’s familiar in that it has a lot of the similar elements of western based pop music, but it is different in that it is a different language, style, and even a different emotion at times. All of these are true when you listen Back by Infinite.

Back by Infinite

The song “Back” blends the group’s vocals in a glossy, high production manner. The beginning is tinged with a haunting piano playing and then there is a hint of an orchestral aspect to it that comes in. The electro beat seems to slip in without the listener even knowing, until it’s too late. These three elements create a haunting combination.

When the beat hits, it lifts the song up and doesn’t stop. This is a pleasant surprise for those who are thinking it was going to be a strictly slow affair. The English phrase of “can you save me” is bound to make listeners coo. This will only amplify once the line “I want you back” comes in.

The lyrics communicate a desire to be saved by their significant other. This message of being saved finds itself in the niche of a lot of the dance songs that communicate a desire to be saved, or to escape, all wrapped in a nice package that is garnished in the theme of love.

Back by Infinite

True, the song isn’t anything too different from what Infinite offers in other songs, or in the realm of Kpop in general, but that’s not the point of this song or the arrangement. The point is to take what both the group and the genre is good at and to continue to create addicting Kpop goodness. This is why PopGeekly recommends you take a listen to Back by Infinite and as always let us know what you think.